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HM van Haaster & Zonen B.V. is a family company that has been producing spring bloomers for almost 100 years.

In addition, more than 60 years ago, we began with the successful wholesale and export of flower bulbs.

Advice, knowledge and support

HM van Haaster is a well-known company in the flower bulb sector. The customer is constantly our main focus. With our years of experience and tremendous knowledge of flower bulbs, we always enjoy giving sound advice to the customer. We are specialized in programming flower bulbs for flowering in pots and for cut flowers for forcers at home and abroad.


Cultivation and export

HM van Haaster is one of the few flower bulb companies in the Netherlands which still cultivates as well as exports. Due to this combination, we have knowledge available of the market in bulbs up and including the end product, and if necessary we can quickly respond to changes within the chain. Of course, the export department sells bulbs from our own nursery, but also buys specifically from certain growers so that customers receive exactly the bulbs that they want. During talks with customers, we discuss the program for bulbs for pots or cut flowers. On the basis of that programme, the bulbs are prepared for shipping using different temperature treatments.